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Abstract Acceptance Completed_Abstract (General Thoracic) Session

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We greatly appreciate your interest in our meeting.
I have the honor to inform you that your abstract has been accepted as an Oral Presentation for ASCVTS 2021 On-Line Conference to be held on June 4-7, 2021.

Please confirm the schedule and notices below to make sure the time and so on.


Please note

- All the presenter must pre-register at website ( until May 26.
- This On-line conference will be progressed in 100% pre-recorded way.
- All the presentations must be prepared in English.
- Each presenter will be given 7 minutes for presentation. Please be sure to record your presentation in time for your allotted time (7 minutes).
- After finishing all abstracts' presentation in on-line platform, log in to Zoom meeting room.
Please take a closer look attachment (Information of Live discussion).
- Please make your presentation video according to the guideline I attached.
- You must submit your presentation video file until May 17
* Please submit to our google drive.
- URL:
(It is only open to presenter in your session. If you don't want to share your movie, please submit to us by e-mail.)

The preliminary program, including registration materials, is posted online (

If you have any question, feel free to contact me (