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★ Virtual Surgical Class ★ Satellite symposium joint with ATEP

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1. Instructions
What's ATEP?
- [ATEP] is the Asia Thoracoscopic Surgery Education Program (Founded by Dr. Sanghoon Jheon who is a president of ASCVTS 2021).
- The formal website is here ->

2) What's "Virtual Surgical Class"?
- This "Virtual Surgical Class" is that the virtual platform being used is compatible with Virtual Reality Headsets, PC/MAC or Android based phones.
- Using VR gears is an optional, so you can participate in this class without any of them.
- It will feature top expert guest speakers from around the world, and will feature a VATS lobectomy and mediastinal node dissection (360 view).
- Participants will be using 3D Avatars like an actual participants in conference!

3) Specific program
- Top expert doctors give various lectures and surgical videos, so please download the program below.

2. How to attend
- Actually, you need to install the specific virtual program individually.
- The program being used is not public, as of yet, so if you want to join this special class, please contact to secretariat's e-mail.
- There will be an unlisted Youtube link for instructions on how to install the program (It's very easy!).
- For those interested, it is best to email directly and he will share the materials.
Contact Information: